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Model Structures for Model Railroads

​ - Steam Era Classic Series (Wood Product)

The wood structures are made from the same wood as all our bridges so are extremely sturdy and durable.  Custom lengths can also be accommodated. Select  either the "Wood Structures" tab above or the link below to see our selection of wood trackside structures. We offer loading docks and a unique tank stand.

Please visit the Photo Gallery to see ideas about mixing, matching and customizing various structures plus customer application photos.

Model Structures for Model Railroads is pleased to offer fully assembled plastic and wood structures for O scale layouts.

All wood and plastic structures built by Model Structures are basically one of a kind custom built and assembled from scratch. While worth the wait they will take time to build. Lead time for construction will vary depending upon order back log.

 - Plastic Trackside Structures

The plastic structures are made mostly from ABS for strength with some Styrene for non-structural application. Some items such as the locomotive shed can be customized to fit your exact needs. Select  either the "Plastic Structures" tab above or the link below to see our selection of plastic trackside structures.

We offer locomotive sheds, water towers, tank depots, tank farms, tank stands, industrial tanks, service and fuel loading platforms and RR/industrial/city street signs. The customer may choose decals from a selection of railroad names for most items. Again custom designs are available.​

Trackside Structures