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The Industrial Quench tower and single unit Desalting Tank designs have been combined into a single unit. The quench tower is a elevated water storage tank while the desalting unit has been re-purposed as a filter tank. The structure is listed under storage tanks and industrial yards on our shopping cart. In addition to the tanks there are two lamp posts included (AC/DC incandescent bulbs).

Propane tanks can be combined with the Small Loading Platform to make a great looking tank farm. In the configuration below propane can be either loaded onto a tank car or off loaded to the storage tanks by turning 'on/off' various control valves.

The plastic trackside series is divided into 11 categories. Please select any one of the links below to view our product.

 - Tank Stands (see below)​
 - Water / Fuel / Sand Towers
 - Fuel Transfer Depots 
 - Locomotive Sheds
 - RR / Industrial and City Signs
 - City Structures
 - Cement / Asphalt and Maintenance Platforms
 - Grain Elevators
 - Service and Maintenance Sheds
 - Oil Refinery Structures
 - Industrial Yards

Elevated Storage Tank

The Elevated Storage Tank has gone through a second re-designed. The tanks will be elevated off the ground by a set of four H-columns that are connected to the sides of the tank body. A dome has been added to the bottom of the tank to make it look more realistic. The smaller tank is 3" by approximately 6 1/2" with a total footprint of approx. 5" while the larger tank is 4" by approximately 8" with a total footprint of approximately 6". These tanks are designed to be used to store additives for mixing or as storage for downstream product. They can also be added on to any other products offered such as the Fuel Loading Platform (see below) or the Bulk Fuel Tower. Choose from two sizes, three colors and your favorite RR logo.

Propane / CO₂ Tank

Propane tanks are used throughout the US industry for on site fuel to power manufacturing plants. Carbon Dioxide gas is usually a by-product of a manufacturing cycle such as an Ethanol plant that is collected and sold. These tanks are designed to be placed along side with many of our products as well as other manufacturers products such as factories, grain silos, ethanol/methanol production facilities etc. This tank measures approximately 8 ½ inches long by 1 ¼ “ diameter. It comes complete with a relief valve on top and a gate valve / piping on the bottom. The tanks come standard undecorated in flat white and can be decorated with either “Propane”, "Carbon Dioxide" or “Ethanol” decals. The propane version is shown in the photo.

Tank Stands

The 4-unit tank stand consists of four tanks set at two levels. The lower level tanks are 2 inch diameter while the top tanks are 2 1/2 inch diameter. This structure is meant to be placed along side track. The 2-unit structure incorporates the top two 2 1/2 diameter tanks and can be placed directly over track to save space. The single unit tank farm has one 2 1/2 inch diameter tank mounted about 2 1/2 inches high and is meant to be placed along side the track. All tanks come with manway covers, relief valves, drainage valves and gate valves. The 2- and 4- unit models also include upper level walkways and caged ladders. Total footprint for both the 2 and 4 unit models is approximately 10" x 7". Footprint for the single unit is approximately 10" x 4".

The superstructure is painted dark gray. The standard tank color is black but light gray or white is available. The ladders and railing can also be painted a 'safety yellow'. Just contact us and let us know your preference!

Piping for all tanks may be shipped unattached to avoid damage. The pipes can be simply inserted into the nozzles (2 spots or 4 spots depending on tank configuration) and glued in place if needed. With respect to the 2-Unit configuration the caged ladder network may be shipped unattached. A very minor glue-up will be required on top and one spot on the side.

Industrial Storage Tanks

One of these storage tanks would look great either track side or in an industrial yard. These tanks are smaller single unit structures that are about 4.5 inches tall and have approximately 3 inch footprint. The design has been updated to now include relief valve piping.

Custom Designed Tank Stands For O Scale RR's

Tank Stands