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S Scale Bridges

The first S scale bridge job has just been completed for a customer (see photos below).

On30 is a little easier to handle especially because most modelers use 1:48 scale for structures and accessories. However since the track used is HO scale and the rolling stock is roughly the same size as a typical S scale car some customers may want combination of HO scale width for the decking/bents and in the case of the bridges an HO scale width and an O scale height.

Please contact us for a quote when ordering any custom product. Once agreement is made a specially designated product will be added to the "Custom Design" category in the "ON LINE STORE" to allow the order to proceed.

HO truss bridge with S scale track

Both the HO girder and truss bridge will fit both types of track and at 3 inches width are a perfect scale 16 feet but the height of the Truss bridge is low for true S scale. The scale height is 20 feet while most truss bridges are designed to be between 24 feet and 32 feet. While the height of the O scale Truss bridge is good (~31 feet) the S scale the width works out to be about 21 feet which is wide. With this in mind custom designs are available for the S scale modeler. In cases where it is deemed necessary HO scale width can be combined with O scale height to achieve a more accurate S scale product. Just contact us and we will work with you to design a bridge that suits your personal preference.

photo below). A better choice for track with built-in ballast would be the narrower of the two O scale decks offered for sale.

Some Comments Regarding S and On30 Scale Product

HO scale is 1:87 and O scale 1:48. S scale at 1:64 is in between both which puts the S scale railroader in a unique situation.

For both the HO and O scale categories all wood bridges and decking are purposely made slightly larger than true scale to allow for strength and stability.

For customers who model in S scale the choice of using either the HO or O scale product is purely a personal decision. While all O scale product will fit all S scale track with ease it may appear too big for true scale. At the other end of the scale some HO scale product may not be able to accommodate all S scale track. A good example is the HO Trestle deck. While it is wide enough for standard S track without ballast the distance between the Guard Timbers is too narrow to fit track with built-in ballast (see 

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