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Custom Signs

We will also make custom designed signs per your instructions!

RR Crossing Signs

These signs come in packs of two so both sides of a crossing can be posted. A railroad crossing can be announced with either a generic RR sign or one of three specific signs showing the type of crossing. In addition a sign warning vehicle traffic of low clearance over tracks can also be posted. Each sign measures approximately 1 inch x 1 1/8 inch x 3 inches high. Just visit the On Line Store to order yours today.

Stop Sign Barricade

This sign was originally part of the Intermodal Yard Security complex but has proved to be popular for other site applications. This sign can be used in just about any industrial site to warn trucks to stop before proceeding further.

The plastic trackside series is divided into 11 categories. Please select any one of the links below to view our product.

 - Tank Stands
 - Water / Fuel / Sand Towers
 - Fuel Transfer Depots
 - Locomotive Sheds
 - RR / Industrial and City Signs (see below)​
 - City Structures
 - Cement / Asphalt and Maintenance Platforms
 - Grain Elevators
 - Service and Maintenance Sheds
 - Oil Refinery Structures
 - Industrial Yards

City Street Signs

Make your city streets look more realistic with one of these signs. Announce city limits, post signs at the railroad station warning pedestrians to keep off tracks and declare dead end streets. The signs measure approximately 1 inch x 7/8 inch x  3 inches high and come packs of two signs of your choice. Just visit the On Line Store to order yours today.

Rail road / Industry Signs

Post a sign to announce arrival at a maintenance yard for your favorite railroad or a depot yard for your oil company. Add a sign announcing arrival to and departure from a city, industrial area or the farmer's Co-op. These signs measure approximately 2 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches and 3 inches high. Please navigate to the On Line Store to see the list of available signs. If you don't see your railroad name or want to ask about a custom sign just contact us.

RR / Industrial and City Signs