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Model Structures for Model Railroads

We also offer wood trackside structures - see Steam Era Classics button at the top of the page.

For standard product and prices go to Plastic Trackside Structures

Model Structures for Model Railroads is pleased to offer O Scale plastic structures ready to use on your layout. Most structures come  fully assembled except where indicated. In all cases any glue-ups are very minor and easy to perform. In addition to below please visit the Photo Gallery to see ideas about mixing and matching various structures plus customer application photos.

For the time being all structures will be built to order so please allow an appropriate amount of time for construction and delivery.

In addition for some structures different paint colors are available upon request - just call or email us!

General note: Some parts of the plastic structures are fragile. If any plastic piece comes loose during shipment use a glue that bonds dissimilar plastics together to repair such as Super Glue, Testors Cement, Liquid fusion or Plastruct Plastic Weld

The plastic trackside series is divided into 11 categories. Please select any one of the links below to view our product.

 - Tank Stands
 - Water / Fuel / Sand Towers
 - Fuel Transfer Depots 
 - Locomotive Sheds
 - RR / Industrial and City Signs
 - City Structures
 - Cement / Asphalt and Maintenance Platforms
 - Grain Elevators
 - Service and Maintenance Sheds
 - Oil Refinery Structures 
 - Industrial Yards

Plastic Trackside Structures