Elevated Storage Tank 

The Elevated Storage Tank has been re-designed. The four H-columns now extend up the sides of the tank and are connected by angle iron. Rounded bottoms have been added along with top level platforms. The smaller tank is 3" by approximately 7" with a total footprint of approx. 5" while the larger tank is 4" by approximately 8" with a total footprint of approximately 6". These tanks are designed to be used to store additives for mixing or as storage for downstream product. They can also be added onto any other products offered such as the Fuel Loading Platform (see below) or the Bulk Fuel Tower.

  • Various sized Storage Tanks with or w/o a Pump House
  • Desalting Tank
  • Crude Oil Furnace
  • Three different Distillation Towers
  • Condensers (to be designed)
  • Alkylation Unit
  • Piping Complex
  • Flare Tower
  • High Pressure Spherical Tanks
  • Vertical Storage Tanks

View more Oil Refinery Structures on page 'Refinery Structures 1 and 3'

Refinery Structures 1

Refinery Structures 3

The Oil Refinery structures are our most popular product line to date. The photos above show demonstration complexes,
​customer orders and layouts.

The typical oil/petroleum refinery is an industrial process plant with many different structures designed to receive crude oil , processes and refine it into petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene, and liquefied petroleum gas. Oil refineries are typically very large complexes with extensive piping running throughout, connecting the various chemical processing units. To model a complete refinery would take up a lot of space on a layout. So Model Structures has designed various stand alone structures that can be purchased separately. This way you can choose and fit the structures you like for your layout. While all standard product is designed for underground piping Model Structures will be happy to design for an additional cost the necessary above ground piping using our pipe stands to connect all purchased product. If you prefer we will also design and build complete refinery complexes based on your instructions.

The Model Structures Oil Refinery consists of the following custom built structures:

Oil Refinery Structures 2

Model Structures for Model Railroads

Heat Exchangers,  Accumulators and Filters

Heat Exchangers or Condensers in conjunction with Accumulators (Reflux Drums) are typically found connected to the top product piping of distillation (fractionating) towers. The product first flows through a set of heat exchangers for cooling then through an accumulator or reflux drum to hold the condensed vapour from the top of the column so that liquid (reflux) can be recycled back to the column or moved upstream for further processing. Final product is sometimes processed through filters before being added to storage. 
The filters are the blue painted tanks. The heat exchangers are the two horizontal tanks and the reflux drum is the larger diameter tank.

Pipe Transfer Line

The pipe  transfer line has two levels of piping (4 rows of pipes on the top level and 3 rows of pipes on the lower level). All pipe rows are controlled with gate valves. At the back end the pipes are diverted to ground level while at the front all pipes are attached to ground level common pipe run. In the standard configuration this pipe run is diverted into the ground at both ends. Attached to the pipe stand is a maintenance platform allowing access to the top level and the control valves located there. The piping complex footprint is approximately 10 x 9 x 7(H) inches.

Floating Top Storage Tank

A new addition to Model Structures Oil Refinery series this tank measures six inches in diameter and 6 inches in height. These tanks can be used to store crude or finished product. Each tank has a wrap around style stairway from the ground to a platform on top of the tank. The structure comes standard with a manway plus inlet and outlet nozzles. Decals are also available at added cost. Usual practice is not to have railing on the wind girder since it is not meant to be walked on. However railing will be supplied if desired.

Twin Vertical Storage Tanks

These tanks can be used in the refinery as storage for fuel/oil or an additive for mixing. They can also be used in an oil/ethanol refinery site as slurry or distillation tanks. The footprint has been updated to approximately 6 x 2 inches including the piping. The tanks are now 2 inch diameter and stand about 9 inches tall and use a wider diameter pipe. A pump assembly can also be added.

  • Elevated Storage Tanks
  • Pipe Support Columns
  • Reboiler 
  • Hydrocracking Unit
  • Catalytic Cracking Unit
  • Floating Top Storage Tank
  • Three Unit Horizontal Storage Tank Farm with Platform
  • Tanker Car Fuel Loading Platform
  • Condenser/Reflux Drum Rack
  • Filter Bank

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