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J. Schraibman Layout

Below are photos from J. Schraibman's layout showing our inspection stand and two unit tank stand

R. Bitar Layout

Below are photos from R. Bitars layout showing our new 3-Unit Tank Farm design

Sean Couch

Some bridges I built for Sean Couch's ceiling layout.

Photo 'Box Cab' is a box cab loco purchased because it would negotiate an O-27 curve. Works great except it always looked like it was doing a "wheelie" while pulling a string of RMT PeeP passenger cars. A drawbar was made from aluminum so that an added set of wheels and platform could be added. Still maintaining the O-27 radius requirement it now pulls perfectly level. The EJ&E paint scheme was added which fits for the area we live in here in Illinois.

Photo 'Shortened Caboose' was a purchased MTH sale item. The car was too long for O27, appx. 1-7/8" was removed from the center and spliced back together with glue and screws then repainted it to the Santa Fe road scheme. 

Photo 'Pallet Jack' The yellow and black electric type pallet jack being operated on the flatbed truck is also scratch built - machined from a block of aluminum. The loading ramp for the Fork Lift was also scratch built but from plastic parts. 

Photo  'Tar Trailer' Is a scratch built Tar heater contractors use for heating the tar to be put on roofs. The main body is made from balsa wood while the under parts are plastic "I" beam material. The wheels are off a toy truck. 

Photo 'Bill Board Sign' is scratch made from a picture seen online to which a Campbell's Soup sticker was added. 

Brent Veleker

Photo 'Sea Container Cars' is a lot of 4 cars converted from some old Lionel Flat Cars. Cut down these now measure 8" over the couplers which makes then perfectly suitable for a small O-27 layout. The orange EJ&E car is still waiting decals. Cars were left as single cars rather than a single set of wheels between the cars to make it more challenging for the grand kids in switching. This way they can take the middle car out for spotting while the others stay with the train.

James Hoffman

Some outstanding model building by James Hoffman.

O Scale Gallery 6

When you have installed a Model Structures product on your layout please email us a picture along with a small caption. We would love to include your stuff in our gallery!

Photo Gallery