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Customer Video

A customer has been making videos of his layout as construction progresses. If you look closely you will see quite a few of my structures (sand tower , craneway, tanks, refinery structures etc)

A new section - I hope to continuously post "how to assemble" articles for various custom builds and manufacturers kits to offer advice and opinions for those interested. The first two are given below.

Videos and Articles

About Model Structures

Diagrams for Signal Connections

I have just started to re-wire signals on a newly designed layout. The collection of signals and sensors however come from quite a few different manufacturers – Lionel, MTH, Atlas O, Custom Signals, Z-Stuff etc. Each manufacturer has their own method of connection and signal detection. Since I was mixing signals and detectors I decided to put together a series of schematics showing how a signal is wired to a particular detector. This document has also been posted on the OGR Scenery forum website. Hopefully the file will grow as forum members add their own connection diagrams.

Wiring Signals

To aid in the selection of structures for your refinery feel free to open the link to the PDF file “How Oil Refineries are Set Up” (updated) which gives basic in formation on how refineries operate and what structures are typically present.

How Oil Refineries Are Set Up

Oil Refineries

The typical oil/petroleum refinery is an industrial process plant with many different structures designed to receive crude oil , processes and refine it into petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, heating oil, kerosene, and liquefied petroleum gas. Oil refineries are typically very large complexes with extensive piping running throughout, connecting the various chemical processing units. To model a complete refinery would take up a lot amount of space on a layout. So Model Structures has designed various stand alone structures that can be purchased separately. This way you can choose and fit the structures you like for your layout. While all standard product is designed for underground piping Model Structures will be happy to design for an additional cost the necessary above ground piping using our pipe stands to connect all purchased product.

Wood and Plastic Bumpers

Build your own bumpers from either plastic or wood! The article presented below shows how to assemble these bumpers. Assembly is easy so give it a shot!

Wood or Plastic Bumper - Your choice!

Portable Train Table

A technique I read about in a work working magazine and subsequently used to build benches, cabinets and a rolling cart for my shop can be easily extrapolated into a good looking base for a train table. Once the 'woodworking' is done, the best thing about this table system is that to assemble or dismantle only a wrench (open end or socket) is needed. No other tools are required. The frame is held to the legs with four carriage bolts. You need to move the table - simply remove the top, unbolt the the four corners and walk off with the top, frame, and legs to your new location!

Technique for a Knock Down Train Board


Like most model railroaders I have been building a new layout and wanted to reuse and expand the amount of roadway I had on the previous layout. However when I attempted to purchase more product, in this case Scenic Express Roads and Highways, I was sad to learn the company had discontinued the product line due to issues screening stripes onto the foam material. There were two choices at this point – throw out some very expensive material and find a new source or keep the existing road material and find an inexpensive way to match it. A trip to the local Arts and Craft store, show and tell and lots of questions for and answers from the nice ladies there solved this problem. The article (see the PDF file below) has been submitted to Classic Toy Trains and will appear in an upcoming Tools and Techniques section. Just click on the link below.

Make Your Own Highways and Parking Lots!


Bending Track

Bill from Pennsylvania offers an article on bending gargraves track which produces some outstanding curves.

A Technique for Bending and Laying Curved Gargraves Track


A customer from England purchased some of our plastic models and showcased them in some excellent videos posted on YouTube. Just follow the links below to see really good movies of construction cranes in action!

 - Google YouTube or go to www.youtube.com and type 'stegro84' in the You Tube search bar at the top of the page. Mr. Bainbridge has a large collection of videos he has put together. The LTM11200 and MK100 videos feature our structures.

Welcome to  a brand new web page - the videos and articles web page!

Our video portion includes customer made videos that show our product. If you have any videos you would like to share with the Model Structures community please forward the link to us.

Our article portion showcases some articles we have submitted to the various model railroad magazines that have general interest outside and inside out product line. Please feel free to download the PDF file.

Check out the Videos and Articles page for customer videos featuring Model Structures' product and also articles I have written to help your model building skills. I am building an extensive gallery of customer supplied photos and there is a guestbook you can sign.

Being an avid model railroader I found it very difficult to find wood bridges that looked realistic on a layout for an inexpensive price. This company's mission is to provide you - the customer with a high quality naturally black wood structure that will look realistic in any model railroad setting at a reasonable cost. Model Structures for Model Railroads specializes in wood bridges and decking for all scales.

Also offered are custom designed O Scale plastic Trackside Structures for all your railroad needs. Browse through the website or visit the OnLine Store for more product information.

All bridge and trestle decking is made from a naturally black wood with an Tung oil finish. The wood is very dense producing an extremely sturdy structure that gives a much closer look to a real railroad bridge/deck than other lighter colored woods. I invite you to compare our bridges with the typical stripwood or balsa wood used.

The black color fits in perfectly with almost any manufacturer’s track and die cast girder bridge designs.

Compare Model Strucures' product to any competitor of wood bridges and decking. The structures more realistic looking than those costing less, more heavy duty and durable than those that cost the same, and though not as detailed, much more affordable than those in the $200-$300 price range.

All structures will fit the appropriate O/HO scale setup including track with built-in ballast.

Custom lengths for bridges and decking are available upon request and is my specialty.

Please search through our web site and enjoy yourself. Don't forget to visit the photo gallery. It is constantly changing as I add more pictures of our product.

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