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Model Structures for Model Railroads

Crane Way

A customer needed a crane that would cross over two tracks and be able to move 15 inches. I started with a Walthers HO scale heavy duty crane kit, designed a superstructure along with a control booth. The results are shown below.

I have since redesigned the crane way. The crane assembly is now a custom design with a YCC-202 single sheath block. The motor house slides back and forth on plastic wheels and the block can be manually raised and lowered. There have been more gantry cranes built since the original. Some have both sides stationary while others have one side moving along a O gauge train track. If you have a custom design you would like built please contact us (button at top of page) for a quote.

Please note the moving cranes are top heavy so the foundations need to be glued to your layout table. Rubber cement can be used if you do not want the connection to be permanent.

Truck Terminal Check In with Associated Office

Every intermodal yard starts with  a truck terminal check-in structure with an associated office building. Out terminal design includes two lanes one for incoming and one for outgoing traffic. The terminal office is our standard yard office design.

The plastic trackside series is divided into 11 categories. Please select any one of the links below to view our product.

 - Tank Stands
 - Water / Fuel / Sand Towers
 - Fuel Transfer Depots
 - Locomotive Sheds
 - RR / Industrial and City Signs
 - City Structures
 - Cement / Asphalt and Maintenance Platforms
 - Grain Elevators
 - Service and Maintenance Sheds
 - Oil Refinery Structures 
 - Industrial Yards (see below)​

Scale House

If bulk commodities are a part of your railroad's freight tonnage then you are in the market for a scale house. Any time a railroad needs to weigh a car it goes to a scale house. Functionally it is a protective shed built around a large weighing machine. The scale house usually contains a large bay window so the person inside can see both ends of the car being weighed in order to write down the car identification number and view oncoming traffic. Usually a scale house is built from corrugated sheet metal however this design simulates brick for a more lasting impression.


As part of a paper mill complex (more on this in Custom Design Gallery 2 ) a conveyor was needed to move wood chips and pulp from the collection point to the process plant. The result is shown below. Though designed for wood chips this conveyor can fit into any industrial scheme that requires such a structure.

Industrial Yards