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3-Unit Storage Tank Facility

 The 3-Unit Storage Tank Facility (a smaller version of the 4-Unit Tank Storage Facility with Pump House) has been re-designed. It consists of 2 tanks with a diameter of 4 inches and a height of 7 1/2 inches and one narrower tank with a diameter of 2 inches and a height of 9 inches. There are 2 platforms connected by a stairway. Access to the first is by a caged ladder. Separate piping connects all tanks to a single output. The total footprint of the tank farm including the pump house is approximately 13 x 11 inches. Another version is available with 2 tanks 4 inch and 1 tank with 3 inch diameters. Customized versions with platforms are also available - contact us for a design and quote. This tank farm can come with or without a pump house.

Standard color scheme is white tanks and aluminum platforms, ladders and building. Other color schemes are available. Custom modifications are also available - just contact us! 

New Fuel Loading Platform with Pump Shed

A pump shed has been added to the basic Fuel Loading Platform. The shed can be added to either the standard or Narrow Fuel Loading Platform and as with our other structures this platform can be modified (length, width, number of pump stands, lamp posts etc) to suit customer preferences.

Fuel Loading Platform

The Fuel Loading Platform is the perfect trackside structure to fill that long line of tanker cars. The platform is approximately 3 1/2 inches high, 2 inches wide and 17 inches long (13" pipe and platform / 4 " stairs).  The standard Fuel Loading Platform has been redesigned to incorporate a new pump stand that now is able to swivel 360 degrees in both the horizontal and vertical directions. The platform can be designed with the stairway either on one end or off to one side. Extra pump stands can be added plus lamp posts (12 volt AC bulbs) if desired. The standard configuration has two pumps stands one on each side of the platform. For single sided loading both pump stands can be moved to one side. Piping for fuel goes to ground at one end of the platform or if one of our tank structures is purchased the piping can be designed to connect the tank to the platform. As with our other structures this platform can be modified (length, width, number of pump stands, lamp posts etc) to suit customer preferences.

New Design

O Scale Small Loading Platform

This small loading platform was designed to be used trackside to load hoppers and tank cars. The design incorporates a piping system (shown below) that  extends from the back of the platform along the inside of the roof and end just above the railroad car.
Foot print for this platform is 7" (L) x 6 1/2 " (W) x 7 1/2" (H). The twin stairs adds an extra 4" on each side for a total length of 15".

The plastic trackside series is divided into 11 categories. Please select any one of the links below to view our product.

 - Tank Stands
 - Water / Fuel / Sand Towers
 - Fuel Transfer Depots  (see below)​
 - Locomotive Sheds
 - RR / Industrial and City Signs
 - City Structures
 - Cement / Asphalt and Maintenance Platforms
 - Grain Elevators
 - Service and Maintenance Sheds
 - Oil Refinery Structures
 - Industrial Yards

4-Unit Tank Storage Facility with Pump House

Model Structures for Model Railroads is pleased to offer this special design. The farm consists of 4 tanks with a diameter of 4 1/2 inches and a height of 7 1/2 inches. There are 2 platforms on top of the tanks with caged ladders for each. Separate piping connects each tank to the pump house. At the pump house the input pipes are controlled by separate gate valves. There is a large output valve on the opposite side of the shed with an unglued elbow leading the pipe into the ground. This makes it easy to remove the piping to ground and install custom piping to a different location. The total footprint of the tank farm including the pump house is 13 x 18 inches. The tank farm is shipped in separate in seven pieces - the four tanks, two raised platforms with caged ladders and the pump house. Piping to the tanks will need to be glued to the tanks. The raised platforms will need to be glued to the top of the tanks. The base is not included in the kit. The display model was constructed from hardboard, painted with a textured gray (granite) paint then overlayed with gray ballast. As with all product the tank farm can be customized to customer specifications.

If you are interested in purchasing simply navigate to the OnLine Store - Trackside Structures - Plastic Structures.

Bulk Fuel Transfer Depot - Redesign

The O Scale Fuel Transfer station has been redesigned. The tanks are now one piece construction plus support for  the piping inside the shed has been improved. The depot can be used two ways. The main building can be used as a track side structure fitting over track to allow tank cars to move under the refill spout. It may also be used as a standalone facility in an industrial setting where the big 16 wheeler tractor-trailer rigs can be parked underneath for fuel loading. The service facility footprint is approximately 16" x18". The two tanks are about 7.5" and 9.5" tall and approx. 4" in diameter. The shed measures approx. 12"L x 7"W x 7 1/2"H with approx. 4 1/2" of clearance inside for track and train. It comes both undecorated or decorated with your favorite RR names. Please navigate to the ON LINE Store (Trackside Structures) for options and prices.

​The transfer depot is shipped as three pieces - the shed and each tank. The tanks connect with one pipe while the smaller tank connects to the shed with a second pipe connection under the catwalk.

4-Unit Tank Farm

Place this Tank Farm along side your track or in an industrial setting and start fueling your diesels or tractor trailers! This tank farm will look at home in any industrial setting from the 1940's through today. The structure consists of three 2 1/2 inch diameter horizontal tanks approximately 6 inches long and one 3 1/2 inch diameter upright tank approximately 6 1/2 inches high. Footprint is approximately 16" x 8". All tanks contain manhole covers and gate valves. The horizontal tanks also include fume nozzles. The structure is shipped in three parts - the horizontal tank and stand, the steps and platform from the horizontal tank to the upright tank and the upright tank itself.

A new design is now available with the horizontal tanks raised higher off the ground more in line with the vertical tank. Sample photos are shown below.

Custom Designed Tank Farms and Fuel Transfer Depots for O Scale Model Railroads

Tank Farms and Fuel Transfer Depots