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Paper Mill Complex

I have just started to design and build a paper mill complex that will consist of about 6-8 buildings and structures that brings the arrival of wood chips through the process to finished paper rolls.

For now the Paper Mill Warehouse and the Boiler House / Kiln structures are complete.

Coal Gas Processing Facility

Before the advent of natural gas many cities and towns manufactured their own gas usually from coal. Large ovens (retorts) would heat the coal releasing gas which was routed to a process building where it was cleaned and turned into a usable product. From the process building the gas was usually routed to precipitation towers which further removed contaminates like coal tar. The gas was then routed to a large storage tank called a gas holder or a gasometer. These tanks were unique looking in that most were telescoping rising or lowering as gas filled them or as gas was removed. the outside of the tanks had a supporting superstructure whose purpose was to support and guide the tank shells as they raised or lowered.

Below are some pictures of the beginning of a job to build a process plant, external precipitation tanks and gas holders.

Wood Pulp Conveyor

As part of the paper mill complex (more on this below) a conveyor was needed to move wood chips and pulp from the collection point to the process plant. The result is shown below. Though designed for wood chips this conveyor can fit into any industrial scheme that requires such a structure.

Tractor Trailer Platform

A friend had a tractor trailer he wanted to fit a shipping crate on. The problem was that the trailer had posts and the crate had posts. i designed a platform that fit over the trailer and had holds for the crate.

A customer needed a 96 inch long girder bridge for a window display. This bridge was built in two 48 inch sections.

A customer is building a wall mounted O Scale layout. He needed two bridges 33 and 40 inches. I built both with ties in the upside down configuration and added an extra bottom chord to the middle for added strength.

Custom Wood Bridges

A customer is in the middle of building a new layout with three levels. On the second level there are a series of double track runs including one with a turnout that require bridges. The angle post girder bridge on the left and the truss bridge in the middle are for straight double track. The angle post girder bridge on the right has a flare out on the front end to accomodate the turnout.

Crane Way

A customer needed a crane that would cross over two tracks and be able to move 15 inches. I started with a Walthers HO scale heavy duty crane kit, designed a superstructure along with a control booth. The results are shown below.

This was a custom design - If you would like to order one please contact us (button at top of page). Contact us for a design and quote.

Truck Terminal Check In with Associated Office

A customer asked for a custom design that incorporates a truck terminal check in structure with an associated office building. The results are shown below.

Tank Farm to Fit Lionel Elevated Tanks

A customer had two Lionel Elevated Sunoco tanks painted yellow (the tanks shown in the photos are mine). He wanted to add piping to a pump house then to a fuel tower. the result is shown below.

Cone Mills Warehouse

The Cloth Warehouse completes a series of buildings for D Trogdon's layout in which he is modeling Cone Mills Corporation (maker of blue jeans and other apparel), a company he worked many years for.

Custom Designs 1

Custom Designs

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Kit Bashed Ameritowne Buidlings

A Customer asked us to design a 42 inch x 6 inch building with OGR Ameritowne building parts to make a Meat Packing Plant. The penthouse structure simulates a conveyor that transports the beef down an assembly line.

Propane tanks can be combined with the Small Loading Platform to make a great looking tank farm. In the configuration below propane can be either loaded onto a tank car or off loaded to the storage tanks by turning 'on/off' various control valves.

Cement Kiln

This is a new design for a custom who wanted a cement production facility. The cement kiln manufactures the actual cement mix that is shipped to various customers who are distributors that resell the powder or actual cement facilities who add water and other ingredients to make the actual cement slurry.

Swing Bridge

Part of M Ziven's layout is a scaled down version of a 'swing' bridge in his hometown.

Custom Designed Westinghouse Transformer Plant

This building measures 40 inches x 17 inches. It has sliding doors for rolling stock and roll up doors for tractor-trailer rigs. This building is the first of a two building set. The sister building will house a gantry crane to lift transformers from the factory to flat cars.

Below is one example of Atlas O's Dave's Superstation that I repainted and decorated along with a custom built gas pump island
​along side.

Custom Designed Service Shed with Building Flat

A customer asked us to redesign the Service shed with larger windows and a building flat along one end. This structure was to become the W&W iron and Steel building.