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Billboard Signs

A new structure has been added to our City Structures line. The billboard has a sign area measuring 3 x 6 inches (O scale 12 x 24 feet). Overall height is about 5 inches. The billboard is constructed with white styrene plastic. The board area will be either gray ABS or white styrene. The billboard will be sold either undecorated or with a sign of your choice. The sign is printed on heavy card stock paper. We will also print decals and attach to white styrene if desired at an extra cost. Simply contact us and let us know what you would like.

City Building Construction Site

This is an O scale version of Walthers HO Scale Cornerstone Construction Site. The construction site is a 3-story structure with a 2-story annex. There is a partial cement floor on the second level of the 3-story section. Construction ladders and a stairway are included. A light bar with three 12-16 volt lamps for night work is included. Foot print for the basic structure is 20 x 7 x 9.5 (h).

The design for the building can be modified to suit your layout's needs. Just contact us with your specifications and we will be happy to send a quote.

A perfect companion structure for the construction site is the Portable Office (see the Service Sheds web page in the Plastic Structures section)

Service Station Pump Island

I bought Dave's Superstation a while back, repainted it and added new decals to make it into a Shell Service Station. The one thing it was missing though was a pump island. Our version of the pump island is shown below. So far I have modified two gas stations for customers - see pictures below. Please navigate to the OnLine Store for price. If you are interested in having Dave's station customized for your layout please contact me for a quote.

The plastic trackside series is divided into 11 categories. Please select any one of the links below to view our product.

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 - Oil Refinery Structures
 - Industrial Yards

Coal Gas Manufacturing Plant

Coal gas plants were common sites from the mid 1800's all the way up to the 1950's before being replaced by natural gas (a by product of oil refineries) for heating and electricity for lighting. Coal gas was used for street lamps and gas lights in buildings and eventually home heating and cooking. At one time more than 50,000 gas plants operated in the US.

In order to fully model a coal gas plant the following structures would be needed:

  • An incoming area with pits where rail cars would dump their loads of coal. Augers, conveyors and cranes were used to move the coal to the retort ovens.
  • A retort building where coal is heated and turned into gas. The building is usually recognized with a large smokestack.
  • A process building where the gas is cooled and cleaned and filtered so it can be turned into a useful product. A lot of hazardous waste product was generated here.
  • Various outdoor tanks and piping mostly used as precipitators which removed coal tar from the gas before routing it to the gasholder.
  • A storage tank commonly called the Gasholder or Gasometer. Most gasholders were recognized by the external superstructure surrounding the tank. Most tanks were telescopic in nature rising as they filled with gas and dropping as the gas was released. The external superstructure acted as a guide-way for the tank as it raised and lowered.

Model Structures has designed a coal gas manufacturing facility that contains the process building, precipitation tanks and one gasholder. The process building starts out as the MTH 30-90105 Public Works building. It is dismantled and repainted. A lighted interior is added that consists of structures necessary for cleaning and filtering the gas. Door lamps are also included. External precipitation tanks are added along side the building.Then the most recognized structure - the gasholder is added.

Dave's Superstation Customized

I have purchased and customized Atlas O's Dave's Superstation for some customers. Those who have purchased usually added the separate gas pump island shown below. The gas station can be purchased and remodeled separately. The remodeling consists of knocking out all windows and replacing all with Grandt Line windows except the office window which is custom made. Front and back office plus bathroom flooring is added (photo copied to thick paper) and extra lighting is added. The outside is repainted to customer specifications.

City Stuctures